We decided to help the animals of the PA. In the PA there are not many means to treat animals, there are not enough veterinarians and not enough knowledge to treat complex cases. In the PA, the number of animals in need of assistance is unimaginable. On the other hand, in Israel there is a lot of knowledge, veterinarians and a lot of willingness to help. The shortage of animal food and equipment and means in the PA has led us to act in order to change the harsh reality of animals over there. The unique and groundbreaking activity carried out despite the great tension between the two sides.

We believe

We believe that every animal has the right to live with dignity, no matter on which side of the fence it is born.


We care

We are working on several levels to improve the lives of animals in the PA. This is our responsibility to them.


We act

As long as animals in the PA die of starvation and require medical treatment, we will be there for them.